Carpe Diem Equestrian Training Philosophy – More Than Just Riding

Understand the philosophy behind Kelley’s unique approach to becoming a balanced rider.

Yoga For Equestrians Workshop

NEW Workshop Dates – Sign Up Now! Combining the body awareness and alignment of yoga, along with the fundamentals of riding, the Yoga For Equestrians workshop teaches riders how to be more aware of their own bodies in order to positively influence their horse.

Ground Pole Books – Available on Amazon!

Kelley’s Ground pole books shows you how to set up intricate patterns using ground poles and cavallettis for training fun at home. Order your copy now!

Clinic Schedule

View Kelley’s upcoming Ground Pole and Yoga Clinics.

Equestrian Bling

I love Tristan’s new browband and halter from Rhinestones N More Tack! Check out the other beautiful products at

Kelley’s Interview on Horses in the Morning

Listen to Kelley’s interview about how she developed the Fun With Ground Poles book and clinics, along with some ground pole tips…

Fun With Ground Poles Clinic Shakes Up Winter Riding Routine

Wisconsin winter is here! Luckily the brutal cold and snow has not graced us with its presence, it is definitely soggy outside. Which only means one thing…indoor arena work. A lot can be accomplished when you are stuck inside but we all have a tendency to get “Cabin Fever”. Invisible horse-eating monsters start lurking in the corners and the walls start closing in. A 60 feet by 120 feet arena can quickly feel like a shoe box. It can become difficult to find ways to entertain while educating both horse and rider. But this past weekend, I had the opportunity to do both at Barryridge Equestrian Center...


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