Kelley Shetter-Ruiz / Trainer

WI_FAIR_2009_08162009_039My passion for horses started at a young age. What began as a weekly lesson on a trusted school horse turned in to a future lifestyle.

Not being able to afford a horse of my own, I took every opportunity to ride what was offered to me, be it an upper level Event horse or the green babies only 30 days under saddle, I developed the ability to read and understand the different personalities of each mount.  This allowed me to learn how to adjust myself to better communicate with each individual horse.

I knew I wanted to remain in the horse industry as an adult, so in 1996, I entered the equestrian program at the University of Findlay in Findlay, OH. During the next four years, I expanded my knowledge of all aspects of horse care, anatomy, training, and riding. I worked with many well-known clinicians including Michael Page and Bernie Traurig, and was a member of the intercollegiate riding team.

AEC Photos 038 (2)After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Equestrian Studies and Equine Business Management, I spent the next ten years working at Trakehner breeding farms in Illinois and Wisconsin. I started and trained Trakehener horses, handling all aspects of their development, from ground work and under saddle training through final sales. I assisted in stud management, and have been instrumental in the sale of high quality horses, aiding new owners in the initial orientation to their new mounts, and supervising the transfer and acclimation of the horses to their new surroundings.

I have always had a passion for all animals, which lead me to work for many years as a veterinary assistant with both large and small animal clinics.

Several years ago, I developed a passion for yoga, and became a certified instructor. This experience became the basis of my Carpe Diem Training philosophy.

Today I focus 100% on my training business, working with students ranging from beginners with their first mount, to experienced show riders looking to advance to the next level. I work with riders of different disciplines, both English and Western. I also have extensive experience working with different breeds.Lesson with Kelli 169

Of course, I wouldn’t be happy without my own horses to enjoy. Tristan Carpe Diem – otherwise known as Tristan the Wonder Horse, star of my Fun Over Poles series – and the mostly retired hunter/dressage/event horse Donaulicht, aka DL, make up my personal stable. When I’m not with my students, I can be found doing barn chores, bareback trail riding with DL on the trails, and developing Tristan to be an all-around amazing mount.

1 (1 of 20)I can’t forget the rest of my gang, my beloved collie and my herd of cats. And of course my wonderful, supportive, and VERY patient husband.

Happy riding and Namaste,

Kelley Shetter-Ruiz