NOW Available – Hardcopy & Kindle Versions! Fun With Poles starring Tristan the Wonder Horse


Based on the videos that have gone viral, Kelley’s book, Fun With Ground Poles, shows you how to set up beginner patterns using ground poles and cavallettis for training fun at home. By following the diagrams, complete with measurements and riding tips, you too can ride patterns effortlessly while advancing the training of your mount. Hardcopy and Kindle versions available on Amazon. See more videos.

“My new book is an introduction to ground pole work and the necessary steps for a successful training tool to add to your tool box. It is important start slow and not over whelm your horse with too challenging of an exercise. It is easy to over stimulate them both mentally and physically if asked too much. You can’t build Rome in a day. but with time every horse and rider, of any discipline, can discover their inner talent with ground pole work!” – Kelley