Fun With Ground Poles Testimonials

I took my 4 year old in Kelley’s Fun with Ground Poles clinic this winter. I want sure what to expect as he hadn’t ever been over poles under saddle before. Thanks to Kelley’s amazing instruction and calm demeanor, we were able to work the same patterns as the experienced horses in our group. I can’t wait for the next opportunity to ride with Kelley. This time with my school master and my baby horse!
Ari Scott

Kelley’s professionalism and comprehensive knowledge base was demonstrated when my facility hosted several of her clinics. Participants left after a fun-filled day; and 100% satisfied. Furthermore, Kelley’s lessons provide a holistic assessment of anatomical challenges enabling the troubled rider to attain his or her goals. Kelley is an unique trainer that brings a variety of elements, skills, and goal focused challenges to riders.
Annette VonFrankenberg

I attended Kelley’s Pole Clinic recently and it was a wonderful learning experience for me and great for my horse, Fizz as she worked to meet the challanges of something new. Kelley is very patient and encouraging especially to someone that is older and trying to improve her riding skills. She is wonderful!
Anita Folgert

I met Kelley at my first “Fun with Ground Poles” clinic fall of 2015. As an aspiring jumper and eventer, I’ve always enjoyed and understood the value of pole work. I never knew it could be so challenging! I have had the pleasure of riding with Kelley for a 2nd time now. This time, a bit more advanced pole work. Red, my young and upcoming Eventer has taken a real liking to this work. I’m also excited to find something that he enjoys and that we can learn together. Things that I love best about Kelley’s clinics are that any horse or rider can participate. She also explains as well as challenges you know think and understand why you are riding a certain line or a certain way. She has an uncanny why of finding the best way to ride each horse through the exercises. I love have you really learn what kind of rider you are and how much (or little) your horse needs from you. I know Red has loved these clinics as much as I have and cannot wait to ride with her again.
Vicki Hodel Portage,WI