Meet Tristan the Wonder Horse

New photos 037_1_1 (2)Tristan Carpe Diem
Black Trakehner gelding imported in utero from Germany

Born May 26, 2007
Son of Kostolany out of Taiga KD by Tambour







tristanbabysharpenedWhile working at a Trakenher breeding farm in Wisconsin, one of my responsibilities was being very involved in the foaling of the mares. I was away at a horse show with the farm owner, thinking that we still had a few weeks until the next foal was due. But I received an unexpected phone call in the middle of the night from the stable boy telling me that our black mare had other plans. I sat in the hotel room for hours talking our worker through all the steps of delivery. Little did I know that I had just help deliver a little black colt that would change my life.

I arrived back to the farm early the next morning. As I walked up to the stall, the little black colt fearlessly walked straight up to me to introduce himself. It was love at first sigh t. I knew there was something special about him. I began developing a bond with him from the very beginning and when he was put to auction, I knew I had to have him.

IMG_0875 (2)

At auctions, there is always that chance of being out bid and knew what my financial limit was but with a little luck and a wonderful father that was quick (and a bit intimidating) with his bid, Tristan was mine.

Bringing along a horse from such a young age, really gives a rider the time and patience to create astrong partnership.  I have taken the time to truly develop him as an obedient and brave mount.  He has proven himself to be an exceptional jumping horse, along with having the beautiful movements to excel as a dressage horse just like his daddy.  I can only hope I have the makings of an upper level Event and dressage horse.  I have had the opportunity to ride with different clinicians such as Kim Severson and Becky Holder,
both who gave me the assurance that he has the potential to make it to the top.  He proved himself his first year out competing at Horse Trials, moving up a level in a very short time with ease.  He continues to improve in the dressage phase, is passionate about the cross-country, DSCF0720and has the manners and scope for the stadium.

Along with excelling as a competition horse, Tristan has proven himself to be brave and tolerable to the many silly antics that I put him through. He has become a master at pole/caveletti work and enjoys challenging jumping exercises. But he also enjoys a relaxing trail ride and is entertained by the different obstacles that I expose him to. My goal is to have an all-around horse that is happy and enjoys his job.

Silverwood_2009__181 (2)What the future holds for us both…we will take one stride at a time!