Training Overview

Equestrian Training That Comes To You
Carpe Diem Equestrian Training trainer Kelley Shetter-Ruiz is not affiliated with a specific barn- instead she travels to her students. As a life-long rider and yoga instructor, she focuses on improving the connection between horse and riders of all levels and disciplines through training based on her Carpe Diem training philosophy.

Carpe Diem Equestrian Training covers a broad area in southeastern Wisconsin. For training outside of the area, travel fees may be additional. Contact Kelley with your location and specific training requirements.

FB_IMG_1442722731342-1” I work with thousands of riders each year and Kelley Shetter-Ruiz of Carpe Diem Training stands out as one the hardest working, most enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructors I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with! Her incredible dedication to our sport, fantastic work ethic, positive attitude, and tireless commitment to her students amazes me! In addition to being an talented rider, I admire Kelley for her strong work ethic when it comes to developing the complete rider – both mentally and physically.  Unlike most instructors who teach inside the arena only, Kelley encourages her students to work on sport psychology, fitness and biomechanics outside the arena. I can think of no one else I would recommend more highly than Kelly to teach riders. Regardless of age, discipline or level, everyone is certain to enjoy and benefit immensely from her teaching!” – Daniel Stewart, International Trainer and Instructor