What Carpe Diem Means to Me

Carpe diem is a simple Latin phase that translates to “seize the day” and this is exactly what I did when I decided to create my own training philosophy.

The equestrian world can be a challenging and competitive place to start a business. You deal with different trainers that have their own idea of how “training” should be done. To some it is about money, to others it’s about being that next big name. For me it came down to the animal. What can I say, I am and always will be a horse crazy girl. And it’s for this reason it always kills me to see a horse not enjoying its job. Many times I wished that horses could speak so that a rider or a trainer could really see the situation from their eyes. Maybe the exercise is too difficult, or maybe they don’t understand the rider’s aids. Or maybe it is something as simple as ill-fitting tack or a sore muscle. Some riders and trainers see a bucking horse as a disobedience or a spooking horse as naughtiness. They fix these issues by changing to more aggressive tack or maybe working them harder. I have found in my years of riding, training, and just spending time with the animal the issue usually starts with the human. The whole goal is to connect with the animal and work together in harmony, but how can someone connect with a completely different species that can’t talk? Only through understanding and compassion can someone create this communication – it starts with one’s self. That was what I wanted to bring to the equestrian world. I want to create a bond between horse and rider that is developed through mind, body, and heart. So I created Carpe Diem Equestrian Training.

Carpe Diem is not just a name for a business, it’s a reminder… a reminder that I have dedicated my life to help each of my riders find that harmony with their equine partner.

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