Yoga for Equestrians Testimonials

Mary K.
I deeply appreciate the manner in which Kelley designed her class.For me the class is a form of yoga poetry.

When I would leave her class,I would feel spiritually polished as though I have experienced a deep form of prayer. Kelley beings class by drawing attention inward, to a pure space from witch a student can set intention. From here Kelley weaves yogic wisdom and encourages mindfulness as she slowly awakens the body though the practice of yoga postures . Kelleys classes are both subtle and rigorous. Kelley trusts the wisdom of yoga and can lead others with grace into a powerful weave of integration allowing mind,body and spirit to come into true alignment.

Connie B.
Before I took Kelley’s Yoga for Equestrians class  I had previous yoga experience but had not practiced actively for many years. After I took her class, I realized how yoga could continue to help my riding, in addition to all of the other benefits. I restarted my yoga practice and, amazingly, our trainer as well as other riders noticed after just a month of practice the difference in my seat in the saddle.

Karen O.
Kelley’s understanding of both sides of the saddle, (horse and rider) make her an excellent practitioner for equestrians of any age or skill level.

Her class is fun, very informative and will help you understand how you can use yoga as a value added asset in your riding.

I loved Kelley’s equestrian yoga workshops! They made me much more aware of my body mechanics and the effect they had on my horse. She also gave us some great exercises to do right at the barn before mounting up that I found very helpful.

Pat R.
I am an older rider who owns a senior horse with arthritis and a lazy temperament.  My horse and I needed some help.  Kelley’s yoga workshop for riders was the perfect answer.  In the class, we practiced poses that loosened the muscles in our legs and pelvis.  I then hired Kelley for a few private riding lessons.

Jackson had become miserabley slow and of course I blamed the saddle.  But through several lessons, Kelley coached me on riding with a looser and flexible seat.  She used yoga terminology to explain how I should ride.  All lessons promoted enabling Jackson to move freely.  I needed to get out of his way.

Now several years later, we trail ride and I very seldom need to deal with a lazy horse.  He is happier and so am I.

Malinda Z.
Kelley’s Yoga For Equestrians is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to improve their awareness in the saddle, balance on the horse, and flexibility and fitness for any discipline. Besides the overall health benefits of yoga, Kelley focuses on specific problem areas unique to equestrians and gives excellent instruction in how to remedy some of the issues we struggle with as riders. I personally felt Kelley helped me simply become more aware of my body and how I might be inadvertently influencing my horse. I highly recommend Kelley’s class for anyone wanting to improve their flexibility, posture, and strength in the saddle.

Holly Hayden-Smith
I wanted to try Yoga but didn’t know where to look. I felt very fortunate to have met Kelley and learn about her “Yoga for Equestrians Workshop” . This workshop was great, it as a nice combination of lecture and practice. I truly believe this workshop has helped me become more aware of my body and has helped me to connect in a more positive way while riding. I look forward to taking more of Kelley’s classes.

Mary Kate Henry – LMT, CEMT, MMCP
Heartfelt thanks to you, Kelley, for all you’ve done to heighten my body awareness while working with and around my own and my client’s horses. Your workshop gave me insight into my strengths and weaknesses and the tools to create more balance. I have shared some of the poses and your barn friendly approach many times since attending. I hope to make another session soon.

Chris Adickes, Farrier
As a farrier, I’m interested in keeping myself healthy and pain free, and I am always looking to increase my knowledge of horses. Carpe Diem’s Yoga for Equestrians Workshop was a rare opportunity for me to do both!

Kelley has a clear scientific presentation that boils complex bio mechanical principles into clear easy to understand concepts. Her class help explain not only how to open and use our joints correctly when we are in the saddle, but also WHY we should do these things.

The knowledge I got from Carpe Diem helped me both feel better and establish a better connection with my horse. This is a good course for everyone to take. I was very satisfied and will be revisiting this course again in the future.