Yoga For Equestrians Workshop

Combining the body awareness and alignment of yoga, along with the fundamentals of riding, the Yoga For Equestrians workshop teaches riders how to be more aware of their own bodies in order to positively influence their horse. The workshop is available to riders of all experience levels and disciplines, and previous knowledge of yoga is not necessary to understand the concepts and benefits.uch more aware of my body mechanics and the effect they had on my horse. She also gave us some great exercises to do right at the barn before mounting up that I found very helpful. -Karen O.

During the two hour workshop, the rider is taught to recognize their levels of balance, strength, and relaxation. Through breathing work, yoga postures and stretching exercises, areas of stiffness and weaknesses are identified, and riders are shown how they directly affect their ability to communicate with their mount:

FB_IMG_1426951565175> Yoga breathing techniques develop harmonious rhythm with the horse

> Exercises focused on the core improve balance and control of the aids

> Yoga opens the hips to help achieve a deeper seat for greater stability in the saddle

> Yoga stretches and lengthens the quadriceps for improved leg contact, encouraging gentle communication and a suppled horse

> Yoga releases the chest, shoulders and neck for fluid arms and hands, improving self-carriage and encouraging a fluid connection to  the horse’s mouth

The workshop closes with riders being shown how to create their own ‘at the barn’ practice to incorporate into their riding routine.

The optional mounted session may be part of the workshop, depending on host facility availability. It gives riders the opportunity to immediately see how the effects of the newly discovered body awareness and alignment developed on the mat will improve their connection with their horse.

Check the schedule for upcoming workshops in your area, or contact Kelley for more information.

Host A Workshop
Host requirements are a location with floor space, and can be held any time of year. Kelley provides the yoga mats and additional equipment, including a full size skeleton to demonstrate how riding engages the anatomy. This workshop is an excellent motivational tool, especially in between show seasons.

The optional mounted session can be added afterwards if an arena is available.

Contact Kelley for more information on hosting a clinic.